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We are pleased to offer 14 different varieties of dieffenbachia.  Depending on the variety we offer them in 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, and 14 inch pots. Dieffenbachia are beautiful full plants in gorgeous shades of green and yellow with unique leaf patterns and shapes.  Sure to add interest to any interior space.

Camouflage Dieffenbachia
Camouflage - 8in 10in 14in
Mary Dieffenbachia
Mary - 8in 10in
Dieffenbachia Nicole 8in
Nicole - 8in
Parachute Dieffenbachia
Parachute - 6in 8in
Star Bright Dieffenbachia
Star Bright - 6in 8in
Tiki Dieffenbachia
Tiki - 8in
Tropic Rain Dieffenbachia
Tropic Rain - 8in
Ely Dieffenbachia
Ely - 8in
Memoria Corsii Dieffenbachia
Memoria Corsii - 8in
Panther Dieffenbachia
Panther - 6in 8in 10in
Splash Dieffenbachia
Splash - 8in
Sterling Dieffenbachia
Sterling - 8in
Tropic Marianne Dieffenbachia
Tropic Marianne - 6in 8in
Tropic Snow Dieffenbachia
Tropic Snow - 8in 10in 14in